There are a number of natural ways to whiten teeth for a lovely smile. In this article you will find best tips about how to get and keep white teeth.

Having shiny white teeth is a sign of good health and personal hygiene and it is also essential for numerous interpersonal advantages. A beautiful smile signals other that you will be healthy and you is likewise perceived as being a lot more intelligent, wealthier and more pleasing.

Home remedy for teeth whitening

Home remedy for teeth whitening

Everyone desires sparkling teeth to maintain a young and smart personality. Actually, shining teeth are the secret behind a beautiful smile. But, the fact is that very few people put efforts to maintain the natural whiteness of their teeth. Yellow teeth are a very common problem. There are a number of ways to get rid of yellow teeth. Teeth whitening is the process of restoring the natural colour of teeth. It may also be referred as dental bleaching. In the cosmetic industry, teeth whitening have become the most requested procedure, now-a-days. There are multiple ways for whitening teeth, like brushing, bleaching pen, laser bleaching, and bleaching strips.

How To Get Whiter Teeth At Home?

Brush After Drinking or Eating

The best way, but not always the easiest is to simply brush your teeth after eating or drinking something. This takes a lot of persistence and can even be kind of difficult depending on where you are at the time. Most food does not stain teeth, but if you are a coffee drinker or if you smoke, you can pretty much count on having discolored teeth from staining. If this is the case then having your teeth cleaned every three months may be in order, besides trying some of the natural remedies listed here.

Eat Strawberries

There is evidence that strawberries can help whiten teeth due to containing an enzyme called malic acid and vitamin C. The astringent found in strawberries helps to remove surface stains, while vitamin C washes away plaque. Mashing a few strawberries and brushing with the mixture once or twice a week can have positive results. You could also just eat strawberries, making sure to chew really well and allowing them to do the brushing on their own.

Neem And Basil Treatment

Ayurveda provides a number of treatments to whiten the teeth naturally. One of the most effective is that including neem (Margosa) and basil leaves. Make your own tooth paste mixing sundried basil leaves and mustard oil. This paste helps in maintaining dental hygiene and brightening the teeth.

It also protects the teeth from a number of diseases like bleeding of gums and other infections. This paste is used with neem twigs which act as a toothbrush. This is a traditional remedy for teeth whitening. Simple apply the basil paste on the teeth and rub the neem twigs vigorously on them. The neem oil which gets secreted from these twigs is like an astringent and ensures white teeth.

Eat Crunchy Fruits and Veggies

Apples, celery, and carrots are all great for your teeth. Crunchy fruit or vegetables act like nature’s toothbrush. Simply chewing removes excess food and bacteria from your mouth. It also helps to scrub away surface stains. Not only does the texture remove food particles and bacteria, but the acids in the fruits and vegetables pull double duty, actually keeping the teeth whiter. Apples in particular contain malic acid, the chemical also found in strawberries (and teeth whitening products) that removes surface stains.

Teeth for Natural Beauty

Teeth for Natural Beauty

Baking Soda and Lemon

This may be one of the most popular of the natural teeth whitening home remedies. The chemical reaction of baking soda with the citrus of lemon juice has a smile-brightening effect. Either one of these ingredients works well, but together they are super-effective. Only brush with this solution up to once per week as it can wear away the tooth enamel if used too frequently. If irritation occurs, the baking soda may be too abrasive for your gums, so discontinue use. If you’re worried about damaging tooth enamel, try some of the other solutions.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Most professional tooth whiteners use some form of peroxide, though in very concentrated amounts. What you have under the sink in your bathroom isn’t remotely as strong, but it is still the strongest of these natural tips while still gentle enough to do once a week. Swish a couple tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide around your mouth like mouthwash and then rinse well. Don’t swallow any though. Hydrogen peroxide you buy in stores isn’t food grade and may contain some impurities.