Looking for dental care without insurance can seem like a losing battle.

Seeking for dental care services without an insurance cover seems like a losing battle to many average income earners. With the dental expenses increasing every now and then and the number of people with dental cover decreasing, several people fail to visit dental care providers. The consequences of making such a decision are very dangerous. This is because poor oral health insurance increases the risks of heart related diseases by more than 180 percent and respiratory infections by over 500 percent. There is also the possibility of suffering from gum diseases.

Affordable dental care

Affordable dental care

Best Dental Care Without Insurance

Get a Second Opinion

You may not always be able to save money on your dental care bills. Therefore, you should seek a second opinion in the event that your dentist recommends major or expensive work. You can save a great deal of money simply by not paying for something that isn’t crucial.

Consider Dental Tourism

Dental services are often much cheaper in lower income countries. Therefore, if you need to have extensive dental work done that is very expensive in the U.S. you could consider traveling abroad to have it done. Make sure that you add up all the costs (flights, hotel, etc.) involved to see if it’s really worthwhile. You also want to do extensive research on the dental clinic abroad that you are considering to make sure that their standard of care is up to par. There are specialized services that offer packages to have certain dental procedures done abroad. You may want to get in contact with one of these services and ask whether you could get in touch with one of their former clients.

Offer to Barter Services

If you have a unique skill-set, bartering may be an option. If a dentist owns his own practice, then he may be in need of someone who can help the business gain exposure or run more efficiently. For example, if you are a qualified accountant, web developer, graphic designer, or marketing consultant, then you may be able to exchange your services for dental care. Search bartering websites to find potential opportunities.

Try to Find a Low-Cost Dentist

Some dentists offer dental services on a sliding scale, which means that they charge according to your income. Try to find out if there are any such dental providers in your area through your state’s dental association. If you can’t afford a dentist who operates on a sliding scale either, you can try to find a free medical clinic, though eligibility to get treated there is usually reserved for very low-income patients only.

Affordable dental care without insurance

Affordable dental care without insurance

See If a Discount Is Available

Many dentists understand that some patients are uninsured. In the interest of not turning away paying customers, they may be inclined to help you out, especially if they sympathize with your position. Therefore, inform the dentist of your insurance or financial situation, and try to negotiate your bill ahead of time. Using good negotiation techniques and, if possible, booking an appointment during a slow period of business may increase your chances of receiving a discount.

Try Negotiating

Dentistry is a very competitive market. If you need extensive work done but are uninsured, you might be able to negotiate a better rate with your dentist. They might sympathize with your situation or be willing to charge slightly lower fees to avoid losing a client. At least call around to different dentists to compare prices.