The dental tourists, thus, can have high quality dental care, dental implants at affordable price, reduced waiting times for dental surgery, and a chance to spend your holidays in any of above mentioned beautiful countries.

Dental tourism is a relatively new industry around the world. It basically means that patients seek medical, in this case, dental treatment outside their home country. In the majority of these cases the reason is saving money. Many countries offer high quality dental care for much more affordable prices and even with the cost of flight plus accommodation it turn out 50 percent cheaper than is one’s home country.

There are certain trends around the world and countries that are popular destinations for dental treatment. In Europe the leading dental care providers are Hungary and Poland with thousands of patients from UK, France, Austria, seeking dental treatment each year. Similarly there is a trend for many years in the US and Canada. Citizens here are saving money by having more extensive dental work carried out it Mexico and Costa Rica. From Australia and New Zealand patients travel to Southeast Asia for dental treatment. Thailand is hard to beat in terms of affordable dental treatments.

Dental Tourism Destinations

Dental Tourism Destinations

Let’s see the most popular Dental tourism destinations around the world.


Dental travelers visiting Malaysia should expect advanced medical services that include state-of-the-art clinics as well. Some areas of expertise include aesthetic dental procedures such as tooth re-shaping, gum surgery and bridges. Furthermore, this destination has gained popularity as a result of the countless holiday options, the advanced English spoken by dental experts, and the flexible nature of visa requirements particularly for tourists travelling for medical reasons.


Dental tourism has gained popularity over the years especially in Europe because specific countries offer considerable savings compared to others. However, Hungary leads when it comes to savings – you could end up making for costs of the dental procedures. The destination is famous for its high-tech clinics, highly skilled dentists and affordability. Hungary is well known for its rich history and culture. By visiting the city of Gyor for instance, dental tourists have the unique opportunity of enjoying a memorable holiday while receiving world-class treatment.


Turkey has more affordable prices than any West European countries offering high quality dental treatment and highly skilled professionals. Turkey has mostly European and Russian patients coming to seek dental care. The capital, Istanbul is culturally and historically rich city offering interesting sights and shopping opportunities. Click here for more information on clinics in Turkey.


The country has become hugely popular for dental tourism for a number of reasons with the main one being ease of access particularly for residents of Texas, Arizona and California who can simply drive into Mexico for a weekend of dental procedures. The fact that it is near America is not the only reason why Mexico has emerged as a hotspot for dental tourists; its modern clinics and the American-trained professionals offer cosmetic dental services for a meager amount.


Spain has been a popular destination for UK, Irish and German citizens as a place for retirement due to the nice climate. The recently weakening economy means decreasing prices in dentistry also, attracting more and more patients each year. Here you can find a list of dental clinics in the country.

Dental Hospitals in Mexico

Dental Hospitals in Mexico


Anyone considering low-cost dental tourism will find Thailand to be an excellent option. Bumrungrad International Hospital located in Bangkok handles over 11,000 overseas patients yearly at its dental unit which is staffed by more than 50 full-time and part-time dental professionals and more than half of them have gotten certification in Western countries. Dental treatment is offered at highly affordable prices. What’s more, the popularity of the destination can be attributed to the outstanding patient care and vacation possibilities.


A luscious, tropical destination, the Philippines offers visitors a warm welcome while giving them complete peace of mind during their travel. The country offers exquisite beaches and sunny retreats, giving you the perfect opportunity to unwind after your dental procedures.